Lisa Conner - IVRCC

Lisa Conner

Lisa Conner brings her passion and dedication for meeting clinical challenges with technology solutions to the IVRCC team. She has years of clinical experience and recently has been helping IVRCC’s customers find creative ways to keep their clinical research projects thriving in the wake of the pandemic.

What excites you most about being part of the IVRCC team?

IVRCC fosters an environment of true collaboration between its team members. The IVRCC team is made up of talented individuals who bring vast knowledge and experience to every clinical trial project.

What recent or current projects do you find exciting and why?

IVRCC was brought on to assist a pharmaceutical company with a COVID-19 treatment study that had very short timelines. We completed the data collection at a rapid pace. Our dedication and agile development demonstrated how we can deliver a custom IRT & ePRO platform while facing the pressures of a pandemic environment.

Quote from Lisa ConnerWhat do you hear from clients about their experiences working with IVRCC?

The clients appreciate the high level of customization we offer. They also appreciate our attention to detail and 24/7/365 access to the IVRCC team. We often hear how important the data collection portion of the trial is and how we make data collection a very positive experience for them.

What exciting changes are on the horizon in clinical trial technology?

Decentralized and virtual trials have been game changers for sponsors and patients. Challenges posed by COVID-19 have helped advance BYOD, and DCT keeps patients enrolled with sponsors seeing higher retention.

ePRO is the number one data collection service request we’ve been receiving. Sponsors and CROs are still working to understand DCT technology and how it will affect protocols. The benefit of DCT is that patients can complete their questionnaires/eDiaries without having to travel to the site, making it easier for them to participate in the trial.

What advice would you give companies that are facing challenges conducting their trials during the pandemic?

Regulations are changing how trials are being conducted. These differences, while good, will impact SOPs and how sponsors or CROs conduct trials. This can be stressful to teams running trials.

One example is how hybrid virtual trials are altering the way data is reported, collected, and validated. Today’s pandemic environment has motivated everyone involved in clinical trials to advance and improve the ways clinical trials are conducted. This is a perfect time to embrace the advancements and utilize technology to improve the patient’s clinical trial experience.

When you’re not helping clients solve their research challenges, what other hobbies or passions fill your free time?

I love any activity in the outdoors. Whether spending time with friends or family or simply my husband and our dog, I’m happy. Our favorite pastime is camping—it gives us a chance to slow down, unplug, and recharge.