Real-time data. Real-time reports. Real-time results in clinical research.

We develop and implement effective and efficient Interactive Response Technology solutions that are customized for each client and every study.

Our goal is to provide contract research organizations, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies with global applications that put key decision-making information at their fingertips.

How we’re different: 

  • We’re ePRO experts. We develop and customize telephone scripts and electronic patient diaries (ePRO or electronic Patient Reported Outcomes).
  • We keep it simple with seamless integration. We’re dedicated to developing Interactive Response Technology systems that interface seamlessly with other technologies (such as EDC) to provide data collection and comprehensive management of each clinical study, including Adaptive Trials.
  • We’re agile. IVRCC provides a fast and effective solution to gather and report data for clinical development firms of all sizes.
  • We’re global. Our ePRO solutions have global reach and capability.

Our Leadership Team

John Hudak, MBA, President and Founder
John Hudak, MBA
President and Founder

Kathleen Wanser, Director, Technology Platform
Kathleen Wanser
Director, Technology Platform
Gregory J. Bailey, Senior Programming Manager
Gregory J. Bailey
Senior Programming Manager
Nancy Hudak, Business Development Analyst
Nancy Hudak
Business Development Analyst
Lisa Conner, Business Development Account Manager
Lisa Conner
Business Development Account Manager

Our Partners

IVR Concepts
Criterium Inc.
Calgor Coghlan Pharma Services
Biomedical Statistical Consulting

Our Clients

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