IVR Clinical Concepts is an Interactive Voice Response applications company dedicated to providing real-time data and real-time reports for real-time results in clinical research for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical device companies.

IVR Clinical Concepts was formed in response to the desire in the marketplace for a independent company that can develop and implement effective and efficient solutions that are customized to each client and every study. Clients who choose IVR Clinical Concepts for their Interactive Voice Response solutions are rewarded with globally available applications that put key decision-making information at their fingertips.

IVR Clinical Concepts (IVRCC) develops telephone scripts and electronic patient diaries (known also as e-PRO or electronic Patient Reported Outcomes) that are customized for the client’s protocol and translated into the languages of the countries in which the research will be conducted. Our in-house system recognizes keypad and voice responses to questions, and is compliant to all international standards.

Since its inception, IVR Clinical Concepts has been dedicated to developing Interactive Voice Response systems that interface seamlessly with other technologies (such as EDC) to provide data collection and comprehensive management of each clinical study. The IVRCC system facilitates the conduct of adaptive trials, which are growing in number each year. A truly adaptive study benefits from IVRCC’s applications that collect key data to generate real-time reports with performance metrics for rapid decision-making.

The IVRCC system is capable of handling large call volumes, with no need for additional costly hardware or software capital expenses. Data that is gathered and reported in real-time is used by clients for multiple aspects of the clinical research process, including:

  • Patient screening, registration and randomization
  • Routine and just-in-time drug supply and inventory control
  • Patient diaries with audit trails showing compliance to reporting guidelines
  • Automated data alerts and checks

IVRCC provides a fast deploying, effective solution to gather and report data for clinical development firms of all sizes.