The staff and management at IVRCC have substantial experience in all types of clinical studies: from Phase I to Phase IV trials; from single-center studies to inter-continental trials involving thousands of patients. The combined experience of the IVRCC staff is well over 100 years, with Interactive Voice response experience in 200+ clinical trials and growing:

John Hudak, IVR Clinical ConceptsJohn Hudak, MBA  — President and Founder

John Hudak, President and Founder of IVR Clinical Concepts Inc., has more than 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical research and contract clinical services sectors. He has extensive expertise in strategic planning and competitive analysis, market development, promotional planning, proposal design, custom-services development, international project management, and clinical study completion. He’s also an expert in protocol design and implementation, tracking, and electronic data capture. Recognizing the inefficiencies inherent in traditional clinical studies, Mr. Hudak has developed technology service solutions to reduce the time and cost required to manage clinical trials. A well-respected industry thought leader, Mr. Hudak is the author of numerous articles and white papers and speaks often at conferences and events.

Kathleen Wanser, IVR Clinical ConceptsKathleen Wanser, Director, Technology Platform

Ms. Wanser directs the “technical backdrop” of the supporting servers and telephony lines to maintain flawless up-time performance and continuous daily functioning of the nuts and bolts hardware of our systems. She directs the high security and compliance of systems throughout, paying particular attention to uninterrupted performance, system robustness, regulatory compliance and intense daily monitoring of the systems.


Greg Bailey, IVR Clinical ConceptsGregory J. Bailey — Senior Programming Manager

Greg Bailey is responsible for providing quality technology solutions to meet the needs of our clients. He uses his extensive background working in medical IT organizations as a platform to develop creative, secure, and quality applications. Mr. Bailey’s main role is to provide the continuing support and enhancement of IVR and IWR applications, with particular skills in e-clinical integration applications.

Mr. Bailey specializes in developing programming solutions. His own company has developed FDA audited database interrogation software for contract research organizations, corporate relations management software for universities, time management and membership tracking applications for several organizations. He has previously worked as a senior programmer for Mathew Bender and Associates, Glens Falls Hospital, Fleet Financial, and Digital Equipment Corporation. 

Nancy Hudak, IVR Clinical ConceptsNancy Hudak – Business Development Account Manager

Nancy Hudak came to the clinical study technology industry through her passion for all things “science”, and a desire to provide solutions to make people’s live easier.  After earning Biology and Psychology degrees from Williams College, she joined a small business in the metalworking lubricants industry where she advanced from entry-level chemical technician to Director of the regional lab. 

In 2008, Nancy relocated to Saratoga Springs to further her career in the world of clinical studies, first taking a role helping a long-established CRO’s Business Development Team, and eventually shifting to their sister company, IVRCC. In her current role, Nancy specializes in helping clients apply custom technology solutions for improved data collection with IVRCC’s continually advancing voice, web and mobile digital technologies. She also helps coordinate budgeting and contracting, project management, technical training, business development and marketing.