IVRCC Clinical Trial Solutions: Why We’re Different

IVR Clinical Concepts is an Interactive Voice and Web Response applications company dedicated to providing real-time data and real-time reports for real-time results in clinical research for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical device companies. IVR Clinical Concepts was formed in response to the desire in the marketplace for a independent company that can develop and implement effective and efficient solutions that are customized to each client and every study.

Our Cost-Effective Solutions

  • IVRCC clients avoid additional hardware or software capital expenses
  • IVRCC provides fast and economical deployment of our pre-validated high-capacity system
  • IVRCC’s interactive voice response system provides 24/7/365 support to sponsors, study coordinators and patients
  • IVRCC’s system is able to retrieve detailed information from all over the world via a simple telephone connection.
  • IVRCC’s system is compliant with international clinical standards (21 CFR Part 11) with accessibility to complete audit trails.