Remote clinical trial management during COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating changes in industry trial designs quickly, with remote management, virtual clinical trials and direct-to-patient technologies becoming essential.

The specific needs of each trial are unique, and our team is here to support your research with remote technology and expertise, including 24/7/365 help desk support for every trial.

IVRCC designs custom applications to meet the needs of the protocol, site workflow and patient capabilities. Our goal to protect healthcare professionals, caregivers and study patients while providing customized processes to evaluate disease progression and collect data remotely.

Flexible & Scalable Solutions for Clinical Trials

  • IVRCC applications support the use of a wide variety of electronic devices, using emails, text messaging, fax, voicemail, and other communication tools for increasing site personnel and study participant engagement.


  • Our eSource applications support the use of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), automatically formatting with consistency to tablets, smartphones and most devices, making deployment, training, maintenance and site and subject use simple and cost-effective.


  • The IVRCC platform is custom programmed to help execute protocol-specific workflows and generate patient and site engagement notifications utilizing emails, text messaging and voicemail.

COVID-19 Patient Data Collection

Collect critical data through our ePRO systems by using novel and validated instrument surveys to capture important subjective experiences, quality of life changes and physical, emotional and psychological symptoms. The variations of experience for COVID-19 patients make it important to continue acquiring as much subject experience data as possible.

IRT & Remote Management Solutions that adapt to overcome challenges

Our experienced team quickly adapts programming to overcome the challenges that the current pandemic imposes on many aspects of current “conventional” trial designs, resulting in benefits and advantages including:

  • Patient-centricity, patient engagement and retention
  • More compassionate response to patients’ needs
  • Increased patient access to critical trials
  • Reduced site burden
  • No or lower transportation costs
  • Ultimately lower healthcare costs for patients
  • Increased development of innovative technologies
  • Increased research on and use of wearables –
  • Verifying & validating for remote applications and virtual clinical trials
  • Higher quality e-source data
  • Better data entry compliance

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