Electronic Patient Diaries and ePRO SolutionsOur Electronic Patient Diaries are an Effective and Efficient Method to Collect Data in Real-time from Patients During Studies

Real-time data provides full visibility of key trial information, enabling quicker decision-making during the progress of a clinical trial.

TeleDiary™ for IVRS – real-time ePRO data collection is now combined with web-enabled IWRS available for computers, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.

  • No costly device hardware is needed when using IVRCC ePRO data collection via touch tone phone and/or internet website access systems.
  • Patients now have a significantly improved and flexible user experience. The patient reported data will be accurate and higher quality.
  • IVR Clinical Concepts’ electronic patient diaries are an effective, efficient method to collect study data in real-time from patients.
  • Real-time data provides full visibility of key trial information, which enables quicker decision-making; essential for the desired progress of a clinical trial.

Studies have shown that enhanced compliance measures significantly improve the compliance and quality of data.

Increased and Improved Patient Compliance

IVRCC’s real-time reporting systems incorporate built-in compliance feedback involving communication with enrolled subjects and designated site/study personnel via automated push messages, SMS text messages, web reporting and emailed/faxed reports.  Alerts can be released after meeting only certain pre-programmed conditions. Compliance enhancing initiatives including newsletters can be pushed to the tablet as needed.

Effective, User-Friendly Surveys

IVRCC is experienced in working with standard validated questionnaires for PRO collection, QofL, and Symptom Assessment. We provide the most effective, user friendly surveys for direct use. We have experience minimizing mode collection bias and have designed pilot studies to support these findings. IVRCC has designed pilot studies that explore and verify the usage of cross over modes.

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Benefits of ePRO versus Paper Diaries

Prior to the development and implementation of IVRCC’s Electronic Patient Diaries, the only option for patients was to keep a daily paper diary throughout the study; they were requested to record symptoms when they experienced them, however, often times the sites and the sponsors questioned when they were filled out.

Thus these paper diaries have several major drawbacks, whereas the IVRCC Electronic Patient Diary provides a number of advantages and efficiencies:

  • Paper patient diaries cannot be tracked for adherence to the reporting schedule; if the patient forgets to complete the diary on the date the symptom occurred, they can complete the diary later, increasing the likelihood that data entered is inaccurate.
  • The IVR protocol often defines a window of time during which the patient reports symptoms that they are experiencing at the moment or within the previous 12-24 hours. Reporting parameters are set depending where on the globe the patient resides. Each patient entry is time stamped with the patient’s local time documenting exactly when the call was made.
  • The data reporting structure surrounding paper diaries is slow, and costly; the diaries are brought in at routine visits in intervals of weeks or months, and the onus is placed on the investigative site to oversee compliance and uncover anomalies in the data. By the time these aberrations are discovered, the patient can no longer remember the correct response and important data is lost which can impact the outcome of the study.

IVRCC’s ePRO is programmed to generate an alert when data is entered which is invalid or outside accepted ranges. Respondents are immediately prompted to re-enter data. Thus, conflicts are resolved remotely and instantly.

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