Subject Screening, Registration & RandomizationIVRCC Offers Comprehensive & Affordable Subject Screening, Registration & Randomization Services

The Benefits of Our Subject Screening Services

  • We collect subject information to automatically compare to pre-loaded inclusion/exclusion criteria. IVRCC systems will collect key information at screening, track screen failure metrics, and will collate reasons for screen failure in real-time.
  • We ensure accurate implementation of the randomization method by using collected key patient information.
  • We provide and implement a wide range of simple to complex randomization methods.
  • IVRCC programs randomization schemes by protocol specifications.
  • Manually or automatically generate patient/subject IDs.
  • 24/7/365 availability to systems with global access.
  • Immediate confirmation of randomization and real-time reporting.

Key decision makers can have eyes on the entire study in order to make important real-time decisions affecting screening and enrollment.

IVRCC is an Experienced Provider of all Accepted Randomization Methods Including Custom Algorithms

IVRCC’s applications will handle implementation of a wide variety of randomization methods. From the simple to the quite complex, we cover all procedures to achieve balance: including simple, block, stratified, covariate adaptive, biased coin randomization, minimization methods, Sequential Parallel Study Design (SPCD), and unequal randomizations.

IVRCC Subject Randomization Services include:

  • At randomization the interactive voice or web response response systems transfer the required information to the appropriate study personnel: blinded site coordinator, investigator or unblinded pharmacist as needed.
  • Randomization in clinical trial is convenient and trackable with IVRS/IWRS for centrally accessible randomization numbers as needed.
  • Each subject is typically tracked throughout the study with a unique identification number, post ICF signature, and when subject eligibility has been clearly determined.
  • During the enrollment process our interactive voice and web response systems collect key patient information to ensure an accurate implementation of the subsequent randomization method.

Any appropriately authorized study personnel in the entire world can obtain a subject’s randomization number by calling the randomization center through IVRS, or accessing the IWRS web-based central randomization system. Key decision makers can have eyes on the entire study in order to make important real-time decisions affecting screening and enrollment. Enrollment/randomization metrics are reportable in real-time to study personnel who have been provided authorized access. Sponsors and trial managers may have direct access to certain data at every stage of this process.

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