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Our technology innovations target rapidly evolving clinical trial models, in support of virtual trial data collection, IRT, RTSM, remote monitoring, eCOA/ePRO, reporting, communication, registries, and real world data collection platforms.

Virtual Clinical Trial Solutions and Patient Engagement Solutions

The pandemic has catalyzed changes in the way clinical trials are conducted and sponsors are turning to virtual clinical trial solutions, decentralized clinical trial recruitment, and remote patient engagement solutions. At IVRCC, we’re clinical trial technology experts who specialize in bringing the trial to patients with decentralized clinical trials, ePRO/eCOA, and BYOD to achieve high compliance from subjects.

Our agile innovations for virtual clinical trial success:

Subject Screening, Registration & Randomization

Subject Screening, Registration & Randomization

IVRCC implements and tracks subject screening, registration and randomization with immediate access to key subject metrics, enabling critical decisions to be made based on trial progress towards project goals.

IVR Clinical Concepts - Clinical Trial Material Management

Clinical Trial Material Management

IVRCC’s automated systems enable real-time management, with blinded and unblinded reporting, of clinical trial material dispensation, inventory and re-supply for all stocked locations.

Electronic Patient Diaries and ePRO Solutions

Electronic Patient Diaries and ePRO Solutions

IVRCC’s user-friendly Electronic web & voice systems provide access to diaries, surveys and QofL questionnaires, resulting in high compliance for timely collection of accurate subject reported outcomes.

eClinical Integration

eClinical Integration

IVRCC’s integration technologies offer multi-directional and transactional and/or scheduled data sharing between any eClinical applications.

Patient Recruitment and Outreach for Clinical Trials - IVR Clinical Concepts

Patient Recruitment & Outreach

IVRCC’s Interactive Voice and Web Response Systems are powerful tools at every stage of the recruitment process.

Real-time Reporting for Clinical Trial Data - IVR Clinical Concepts

Real-Time Reporting

IVRCC provides real-time data tracking and management of patient registration, automated randomization, and diary compliance, which results in better clinical trial management.

Clinical Trial Data Collection and Compliance - IVR Clinical Concepts

Data Collection & Compliance

Automated triggered alerts and notifications minimize the burden on site personnel to personally keep subjects fully engaged in completing diaries and questionnaires.

Custom Design and Clinical Expertise - IVR Clinical Concepts

Custom Design & Clinical Expertise

The combined experience of the IVRCC staff is well over 100 years, with Interactive Voice/Web Response experience in 200+ clinical trials.

How we’re different:

  • With 30 years of experience, we have deep knowledge of data collection.

    We’re adept at addressing unique clinical trial technology challenges across many therapeutic areas.

  • We think outside the clinical trial box.

    We build custom applications without the custom cost. Our flexible platform delivers technology solutions to solve your data problems at any budget.

  • We’re all about the experience.

    We bring the trial to patients with decentralized clinical trials, ePRO/eCOA, and BYOD to achieve high compliance from subjects. Our dedicated team continuously monitors and supports your study, from IVRCC build to close-out.

  • We’re dedicated to QA.

    Our dedicated QA department stays on top of validation procedures, regulatory compliance, and all quality assurance factors to verify data security, privacy and integrity.

  • Real-time data means real-time decision making.

    Having real-time study knowledge at your fingertips gives you the ability to adapt and adjust, increasing trial speed and reducing trial cost.

  • Our service doesn’t end at launch

    Our dedicated team of professionals is always available with 24/7/365 support to ensure all needs are met quickly and completely from start to finish.

Custom, modular, and configurable
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