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IVR Clinical Concepts 2018 Highlights

We are very excited with the success of our new technologies and application models, enabling IVRCC to work in a wide range of therapeutic areas to assist you in your clinical trials. Learn about our highlights and new technologies deployed in 2018.

IVRCC Receives Project Award for IRT/RTSM Services

IVRCC has been awarded the role to deliver IRT/RTSM (Interactive Response Technology / Randomization Trial Supply Management) services to support important nicotine dependence research.

Case Study: No Wi-Fi? How a Native App Provides Randomization Solutions

IVRCC's custom-built native app was an ideal choice for the Operating Room that had no access to Wi-Fi, by being able to accommodate a large number of Inclusion/Exclusion criteria, the possibility of tablet or internet failure, and proper randomization treatment assignment exactly per protocol.