IVR Clinical Concepts works with academic research institutions, biotech companies, and pharmaceutical companies for Infectious Disease observational studies and Phase I-IV Clinical Trials.

Our team is experienced in providing services for Infectious Disease clinical trials including ePRO, IVR/IWR and Randomization & Trial Supply Management.

Client Indication Phase Description Countries Sites Subjects
Late Stage Biotech Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections (NSTI)


Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM), multi-center, extremely time-sensitive centralized two arm Standard of Care (SOC) + Investigative Product (IP) randomization, unblinded pharmacist notification for 1:1 randomized IP dispensation.

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Academic HIV Positive Young Men


Pilot study verifying daily diary data collection modality options, with voice compared with web-based (including BYOD) to determine most convenient method for 18-24 males to submit novel QOL, drug use and sexual and social behavior reporting, over 60 days.

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